SUMMARY: Unrealistic numbers seen under OW3 perfmeter disk option.

From: John D Schneider (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1992 - 16:33:42 CDT

Original post:

>Is anyone aware of a bug in the OW3 perfmeter disk option? We have several
>users that under sunview used to monitor the disk activity on other systems.
>Now that they are using OW3 (on Sun4/110 and Sparc 1+ , running SunOS 4.1.1)
>the perfmeter is showing disk activity that isn't there. On a system that
>is basically idle, the perfmeter shows what looks like about 100 I/Os a
>second. If you bring up perfmeter under sunview and look at that same machine
>you see almost no activity. Modifying the perfmeter preferences to monitor
>CPU activity gives reasonable numbers, consistant with what was seen under

The concensus was that it is a bug. The perfmeter is actually showing all
interrupts, not disk activity. Sun acknowledges it is a bug, and promises
that it will be fixed in the next release, but who knows when that will be?

Eckhard R"uggeberg (, however, says a partial solution is:

>I had a similar problem : If I monitored a Sun3 being printserver, it ran
>up to 10240 accesses/sec, which is ridiculous.
>I reported this to Sun some time ago, and they sent me the OW3.0.1 version,
>which behaves a bit better, but only for 4.1.2 machines.

That might be OK for those at 4.1.2, but I will probably not upgrade all the
machines concerned just for the sake of this one fix. I expect to upgrade one
of our machines to 4.1.2 soon, though, and I think I will try the fix at that

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