SUMMARY: DNS client configuration

From: Mike Shannon (mike@hal.CSS.GOV)
Date: Thu Aug 27 1992 - 19:23:55 CDT

    Thanks to the MANY people who sent me the answer. Just in case I was not
the only one who did not know, a summary follows.

    I asked:
    I need help with DNS. I have been trying to setup a SUN as a
DNS client. The manual made it look easy compared to installing a
DNS server. The /etc/resolv.conf was built with a domain name and
the address of a server. I then did a ping of a machine which is not
in my host table and got back a host unknown message. Rebooting the
system produced the same results. If I use the nslookup command, valid
address are returned. The same resolv.conf file was installed on a
RS/6000 and everything worked fine.
    The configuration used was a SUN 3 running 4.1.1 with no patches installed.
The DNS server is accessed over a 9600 baud SLIP link. NIS is not in use on
this system.
    Is there something simple I have over looked? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

     The answer is that SUN only supports DNS thru the use of NIS. If you
do not want to use NIS or all of your servers are not SUNs then you must
replace the resolver routines in I installed the resolv+ package
written by BIll Wisner. An extra benefit of resolv+ is that you can
change the search order and use your host table before going to the
name server.

     Thanks again for the help.

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