SUMMARY: Fixed width fonts for OW3

From: Craig Anderson (myrddin!tscs!spitpa!craig@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Mon Aug 24 1992 - 18:42:25 CDT

Well, first the question:

>| From craig Wed Aug 19 11:53:10 1992
>| OW3 has a lot of real nice fonts, but they're all proportional.
>| On the other hand it also has a fixed width fonts, but they're
>| ugly:-(
>| Does anybody know where I can get some *NICE* fixed width fonts
>| suitable for use with cmdtool, xterm, etc...? Else, does
>| anybody know how to convert proportional fonts -> fixed width?

I had no intention of starting a holy war (as prophesized by Jeff Aldrich):)!

I didn't really get an answer to my question, just A LOT of:
        "Gee, I kinda like screen.r.* and lucida-typewriter!"

The above fonts were suggest by many to be the fixed width fonts of
choice. What I was looking for were helvetica, times-roman, or palatino.
There have been no more responses other than the "use what you have" type,
so I must assume that there is no way to convert a proportional font to
fixed width other than writing your own:-(

Many thanks to the folloowing for their help:

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