SUMMARY: cpio Archive Portability

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Mon Aug 24 1992 - 15:58:51 CDT

Last week I wrote:
>We're having "bad magic number" problems with cpio archives
>created under Solaris 2.0 when we try to read them under SunOS
>4.1.2. I tried yanking the cpio entries from Solaris' /etc/magic
>into the SunOS 4.1.2 /etc/magic, but this did not cure the
First, thanks to those who replied (and to any who did that I've
not listed):

From: (Gregg Siegfried)
From: (Syd Weinstein)
From: John Oleynick <>
From: kucharsk@anthrax.Solbourne.COM (William Kucharski)
From: (Guy Harris)

Most everyone pointed me to the '-H' option in Solaris SVR4
cpio. (Simply using '-c' isn't enough.) Syd provided a
man page excerpt (which is not in my on-disk Solaris man pages):

An archive created with the -c option on a System V Release
4.0 system cannot be read on System V Release 3.2 systems,
or earlier. Use the -H odc option, which is equivalent to
the header created by the -c option in earlier System V
Releases, if the cpio image will be read by a pre-System V
Release 4.0 version of cpio.

John added that the next release of GNU cpio would be able to
read SVR4 cpio archives.

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