SUMMARY: POP3 -- what is it and how do I get it?

From: Jose A. Fernandez (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1992 - 15:56:04 CDT


    We have a small population of PC's equipped with a mailer that requires
    POP3 on our main mail server (a 4/490). Can you knowledgable folk tell me
    what POP3 is (my guess is that it's another TCP/IP protocol like SMTP) and
    where I can get POP3 software?


    POP is the "Post Office Protocol". POP3 is Version 3 of the Post Office
    Protocol; it is described by RFC 1225. Earlier versions of POP were
    described by RFC's 108[123], but RFC 1225 supersedes those RCS's.

    Unlike SMTP, which is used to deliver mail to a machine, POP3 is used to
    retrieve mail being stored on a machine (the post office). POP3 is used
    on a workstation or PC to avoid storing mail on that machine. The most
    common use of POP3 is by mail readers on PC's and Mac's.


    First and foremost, ask Archie and choose the server nearest you.
    Locations suggested by respondents included:

        FTP.CC.BERKELEY.EDU:/pub/MacPOP.sit.hqx (Mac Stuffit archive)

Thanks to the folk(s) who make this list possible and to all the respondents
listed below:

    Adam Shostack <>
    Andrew Luebker <>
    Bob Sutterfield <bob@MorningStar.Com>
    Brent Chivers <>
    Christopher Davis <>
    Chuck Davisson <>
    Dick St.Peters <>
    Dwight Ernest <>
    Geert Jan de Groot <>
    Geoff Halprin <>
    Ian MacPhedran <>
    Jim Watt <jimw@PE-Nelson.COM>
    Mark J. McIntosh <Mark.McIntosh@engr.UVic.CA>
    Mike Fisher <>
    Perry E. Metzger <>
    Todd S. Antonson <antonson@Software.ORG>
    groth curtis a <>

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