Summary: "great" product this sunsolve

From: Syd Weinstein (
Date: Sat Aug 15 1992 - 11:48:54 CDT

Several people told me the proper answer, and it has appeared here before
(Sorry, I didn't catch on to that)....
The code to determine the host name is all wrong in sunsolve. It takes
the output of `hostname` and concatenates that with the remainder of
`domainame` after striping off the first 'name' (up to the first dot)
in domainname. In my case that abonimation, of course, was not in my
DNS stuff. So I faked it out by adding to my
'local' DNS stuff and it now works, of course.

Thanks to: (Peter Wirdemo)
Marcel Bernards, UNIX & Net sysadm Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
Martin Forssen: or
Steve Kilbane, MDD, CEGELEC PROJECTS Ltd, Boughton Road, Rugby, CV21 1BU,

who did remember the prior posting.

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