Re: SUMMARY (Getting SUN sales to return calls)

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Date: Sun Aug 16 1992 - 13:24:54 CDT

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|Or, talk to one of the Sun clone vendors (Tatung, Hyundai, CompuAdd)
|and buy a clone. I bought one from CompuAdd after I had the same
|problem getting calls returned by SMCC and am quite pleased with the
|product. It runs SunOS 4.1.2 right off the SunSoft CD.

Or, here's another one .. We sell the EOStation, which is MBus based,
allowing eventual twin `Viking' (SuperSPARC) CPUs. It's delivering now
with single or dual Galaxy (690) SPARC CPUs, but we're also selling
guarantee of SuperSPARC clone (= SS10) with CPU trade-up.

We'll return your calls %^) Mail me and I'll send our ad ..


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