SBUS to VME Adapters -- SUMMARY

From: John W. Herman (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1992 - 10:05:50 CDT

In regard to the subject, I received the following replys. Thank you
all very much.

From: (Gene Valicenti)

Try calling Warren Barnhart with Integrated Workstation Services, Inc. in
Houston, TX. He sould be able to help.

713 376-3449

-- geno


From: optigfx!optisun41!jans@uunet.UU.NET (Kert Jans)

We have successfully created a product based on the BIT-3 adapter...
It works as advertised. We have been shipping it for over a year.
I recommend that you also buy the device driver development kit from them...

   Vendors that I know of:

      Bit-3 Minneapolis, MN (612)881-6955
      Soflower ?, CA (408)456-5055
      Performance Technologies East Rochester, NY (716)586-6727
      National Instruments ? (512)794-0100

Kert Jans
Optigraphics Corporation


From: Michael.Bender@Eng.Sun.COM (Duke of Canterbury)

Try DAWN VME products; I think they are in the valley at either 415, 408 or
510 area codes (but I could be wrong...).


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From: (Gary Martin)

Regarding SBus to VME adapters -- try Solflower Computer here in San Jose. I highly recommend them (no connection!).

-- Gary Martin garym@netcom.COM | INTERNET Senior Engineer amdcad!cosys!gary | UUCP CoSYSTEMS, Inc. (408) 748-2190 | VOICE Santa Clara, CA, USA (408) 988-0785 | FAX


From: (John Grana)

John, We do. Performance Technologies PT-SBS915 SBus to VMEbus adapter. It comes in either a 6U or 9U configuration and the "ptvme" driver that provides the /dev/vme devices and a VME environment for standard VMEbus device drivers.

Cheers John Grana

-- ___________________________________________________________________________ |John Grana, Performance Technologies Incorporated| |315 Science Parkway, Rochester, New York 14620 uupsi!ptsys1!jjg| |Phone: (716) 256-0200 Fax: (716) 256-0791 |


From: simon%hhb@Princeton.EDU (Simon Chan)

Try BIT3 computer corporation phone: 612-881-6955 fax: 612-881-9674 SBUS-VME MODEL 466

Good luck Simon Chan 201-848-8000 princeton!hhb!simon

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