SUMMARY: pcnfs 4.0 yp_match failes

From: Michiel Steltman (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1992 - 13:31:17 CDT

It appears to be a bug, with an easy workaround.

The pcnfsd 2.0 , part of the PC-NFS 4.0 distribution, consults the NIS map
auto.home to find the user's home directory, if at compile time USE_YP is
However, if the automounter is not used this map does not exist,
therefore the message appears every time somebody logs in.

Now pcnfsd uses NIS only for this map, so the easest way to get rid of the
errormessages is to recompile pcnfsd without USE_YP:
remove -DUSE_YP from the CFLAGS in the Makefile (of the pcnfsd.tar on the
PC-NFS 4.0 distribution) compile and install pcnfsd, and you're fine.

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Ken Nawyn <> (Richard J. Niziak)
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David Tock <>
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