From: Daryl Crandall (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1992 - 00:45:42 CDT


Here's the summary about the library file

I did indeed mean not libXmu ...

Concensus is, that libXm is a Motif library, is not public-domain, and is probably newer than Motif1.1 since that version didn't support shared libraries easily. A version identified as libXm.1.1.4 was reported compatible with

I appologize for the confusion about public domain Motif. Someone once
told me that something simlar to Motif was originally an experimental thing that was available in public-domain then picked up by a commercial type organization and significantly modified to be the current versions of what we now call Motif. But I'm not a historian.

Thanks for the help. I believe we have enough information now to recover or
rebuild it.

        - daryl -

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