SUMMARY: Apunix Magneto Optical Drive

From: Jan M. Sys Admin (marquard@astrosun.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Date: Wed Aug 19 1992 - 05:58:51 CDT

    The problem that I was experiencing went as follows:

> An Apunix Magneto Optical Drive (5.25 Inch RO-5031E RICOH) is connected
>to Sparc Station 2 via SCSI. The OS is 4.1.1. We have a shell script that
>allows users to mount and unmount the optical drives. At random times, either
>mounting or unmounting a optical disk will cause the entire system to freeze.
>Aside from responding to a ping, we can get nothing out of it. The only
>response seems to reboot the system. I have tried to get a crash dump in
>order to learn more about this malaise, but since the system doesn't perform
>an orderly crash, I can't get any info. Sigh.
> Question: Has anyone else bought this drive from Apunix and
>had similar problems? Has anything worked to clear the problem. Apunix
>has been no help at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Well, the problem turned out to be an OS bug fixed by patch number
100313-01. Another option according to reports was to upgrade to 4.1.2
(though I didn't try this). I will have to say that I was *really* impressed
with Apunix's response to this sending. Within 24 hours after sending this
problem out, they had contacted me via phone and were working to clear it.
They were even able to obtain the patch much faster than my usual patch source.
I have *never* seen a company more dedicated to customer support. This was
certainly a refreshing change of pace from other companies.
     Thanks to:
Joanne Shimada
Scott Barnett
Danielle Sanine
Kevin Sheehan
Brian Kelley
Michiel Steltman
Martin Kelly (MIS)
Mark Wallen
George Planansky

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