SUMMARY-Re: How to determine type of fb?

From: Robert N. Thompson (
Date: Mon Aug 17 1992 - 16:20:13 CDT

Thank you Sun Managers, for your quick and helpful answers!
First, the original question:

=>I need to be able to determine the default frame buffer on any of our Sun4c hosts
=>eg: (bwtwo, cgthree, cgsix, etc.) while in a startup shell script so that the
=>proper environment variable can be set for the application. Maybe because it's
=>Friday but, I cannot find a (simple) method to accomplish this. Could someone provide
=>me with some ideas on how to do this?? Many thanks in advance.
Two responses stand out as meeting our needs the best, (KISSysadmin) though many of you
supplied very good programs to accomplish the same.

Solution #1 - is the command "constype" which is
included with X11R4/5 source and (even) OpenWindows3. If you are still running
sunview or do not have X11, then you will need either Solution #2 or one
the programs sent to me.

Solution #2 - is a nifty shell script from Casper Dik <>

    # Probe all frame buffers.
    for dev in /dev/cg* /dev/gt* /dev/gpone* /dev/bw*
            if ( < $dev ) 2>/dev/null

                # This is the device.
    echo $dev

Again, many thanks to all of the following Sun Managers;

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