From: Jae Chung (eclipse!
Date: Sat Aug 15 1992 - 03:31:30 CDT

        Thanks goes to those who reply to me...

        My original question was

> Dear SUN managers;
> Evironment : 670 MP, SUN OS 4.1.2,
> NeWSprint 2.0, SparcPrinter w/ sbus card
> Symptoms : It boots up and Running Okay until some one is trying
> to print out to the SparcPrinter.. Then it crashes
> w/o any messages... Sometimes we got monitor prompt
> or sometimes we got watchdog reset...
> And also it happens when I turn off and on the Sparc
> printer...
> Anybody has same symptoms or any ideas?
> I'll summarize...
> J. Chung

        1. You must have LWP and ASYNCHIO should be enabled (BTW, this is
           default for GENERIC config file, and it was not my case)...

        2. It can happen (in Sparc 2's case), if mother board is bad...

        3. bad sbus video card...

        4. Grounding problem... (yes, indeed it was part of my problem..) on
           bottom of sbus card. If those metal wires are not trimmed closely
           to the sbus card, it can cause grounding problem... After trimming,
           block it out with plastic glue....

        5. WP5.0 can cause NeWS print to be panic, upgrade it with WP 5.1

Again, thanks to all who responded....

                                                        J. Chung

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