SUMMARY Interupting processes on Sparcs running 4.1.1

Date: Thu Aug 13 1992 - 19:33:40 CDT

Summary is basically NO you can not interupt a non-interuptable
state. I was told to look at
        1.) Scsi terminators--------> They are properly terminated
        2.) Cable connections--------> Connected
        3.) NFS mounted disks-------> this might be the
                        culprit I am mounting disks from a
                        DEC 5000/240 with a prestoserve board is it
                        possible that this is to fast for the
                        sparc2? I will try to see if it only
                        happens on NFS disks from that cpu.

Thanks to the following
cal@soac.bellcore (Adam Shostack) (Brett Lymn)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer) (Geert Jan de Groot) (Matthew Donaldson)

Original Message follows
Is there a way to interupt a process that has the status D
--- this is the status for non-interuptable ----
               D Processes in non-interruptible waits;
                       typically short-term waits for disk

I have had tape drive jobs hang, give the process of D,
and then I have to reboot system to clear process/ drive

I have tried powering off drive, kill -(*)
where (*) was everthing I got from kill -l

I would appreciate any help on this. The system is a sparc2
running SunOS 4.1.1

Tapedrives in question are cipher 1/2 inch and 8mm xbyte.

I have also had IDL die the same way.


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