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From: Gary Mills (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1992 - 14:43:18 CDT

In <> (Per Hedeland) writes:

>In article <>, (Gary Mills) writes:
>|> > There should still be a way to get to the
>|> >console vt100 emulator in case the user wanted to run something else,
>|> >like sunview. A button or a magic login name might do it.

>Well, not impossible - at least we're doing it, but it's perhaps a bit

>But there are other ways - xdm has the abort-display() action, which can
>be bound to a e.g. a function key and will cause it to just kill the X
>server and stop managing the display in question.

>Finally, getting xdm to fire up the X server again is done by logging in
>as a dummy user, which may or may not have a password and has the
>program below as "login shell"

Thanks, this is getting near to perfection. It would be really nice if
the getty login could time out after a minute or so, and the X server
start up in its place. Then, you could hit the magic function key to
kill the X server and login on the console terminal emulator, and after
you logged out, and after a minute's pause, the X server would pop up
its login box again. I haven't thought through how to do this yet.

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