SUMMARY: Prestoserv NFS Board and Disk Suite Compatability

From: Michael D. Reynolds (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1992 - 20:31:24 CDT

Last week I wrote...

> I have purchased both the Sun Prestoserv NFS Accelerator Board and the
> Sun Disk Suite Software for Mirroring and Concatenation. My question is has
> anyone had experience using these products together? I know the Disk Suite
> software replaces alot of kernel OBJ's and I just want to be sure that the
> NFS install does not try replacing any of the same ones. Any problems, notes,
> or observations would be appreciated.

I received 6 replies. The conclution I made from them is to try it out on a
test configuration and then load it live if it works. I also put in a call
to Sun to see if this is an "Offical" supported configutation. And guess
what... It doesn't work and it is NOT a supported configuration! The 2
respondents who mentioned that the Prestoserv doesn't understand meta devices
created by DiskSuite are right on the money. What I don't understand is why
the documentation for either of these products doesn't say THAT!!!!!!!!
Especially when it is a KNOWN problem!

The presto command will tell you that it has a problem when you bring the
board up with the "presto -u" command. It returns the message...

presto: PRENABLE failed /dev/md1a: No such device

/dev/md1a is a meta device for 3 concatenated file systems. Not a very
accurate message since /dev/md1a does exist, but presto doesn't understand it.

Also if you do a "presto -l" to list all the file systems being acceletated,
/dev/md1a is NOT there.

Thanks to those who replied...

fwp@CC.MsState.Edu (Frank Peters) (Andy Stefancik)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
bala@Synopsys.COM (Bala Vasireddi) (Marion Hakanson)

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