SUMMARY: find syntax

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1992 - 19:09:25 CDT

First, my original problem ...

>I do not seem to be able to build a find command which will skip both
>/tmp and /home, but ls everything else.
>I could run the following two commands and use comm to merge their output.
> find / -name /tmp -prune -o -ls > /tmp/junk
> find / -name /home -prune -o -ls > /tmp/junk1
>But I think it would be nice to do a single find.
>Any and all help will be appreciated.

As it turned out, I found a functional syntax about an hour after posting, but
it did not do exactly what I wanted. (Part of my problem was forgetting to hide things from the shell.)

I wound up using
        find / -name tmp -prune -o -name home -prune -o -ls

This (as many people pointed out) will remove any file named tmp such as
/etc/tmp since -name is essentially `basename {}`. Many folks found some
interesting ways to overcome this problem.

I think the real solution (which 3 people mentioned) is to get, and use GNUfind.
I provides a -path option which compares the arg against {}. This is
what I really wanted, so I will give that a try.

Thanks to all who responded, Don

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