SUMMARY: Subnetting on SunOS 3.5

Date: Tue Aug 11 1992 - 12:13:33 CDT

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Hi Folks, I have a bunch of small networks configured with SUN 3/60s and 3/280s
all running SunOS 3.5. Each network contains 2 3/60s, 1 BSD 4.2 machine, and a 3/280 that has two ethernet cards and acts as an IP router. The plan is to network them all together through each 3/280. I have been given 2 official NIC IP network addresses. Due to the amount of small networks I have to subnet.
The problem is I am finding out that I can only subnet on 8 bit boundaries with
SunOS 3.5. I would like to break up the class "C" network 192.0.0 into 14 different subnetworks by using a netmask of 0xff.0xff.0xff.0xf0. By convention subnetwork and are not allowed. Subnetworks allowed would be, 192.0.0..32, ... giving me 14 different hosts on each network.
Does anybody know why SunOS 3.5 will not allow me to subnet my networks this way?


Mostly i received responses if i find out please send me a response. Others said it can not be done on 3.5 you would have to modify the source.

I had our local Sun Office look at the problem on a T&M basis and $1000 dollars latter they found the problem and gave me a Kernel patch. The problem was with raw socket types. The command "ping" uses raw sockets and was effected. The object file corrected was "raw_ip.o".

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