SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.3

From: Carsten Hennig (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1992 - 11:47:39 CDT

Hi again !

Yesterday I asked for some information regarding SunOS 4.1.3. Here is my
original question:

> Hello everybody !
> Our sales representative from Sun told us today that SunOS 4.1.3 is only (!!)
> for the new SPARCstation 10 and is similar to SunOS 4.1.2 for the rest of
> the SPARC family. There won't be a SunOS 4.1.3 for e.g. SPARCstation 2.
> I cannot believe this. Have you any hints about it ? Has anyone SunOS 4.1.3 ?
> I'll summarize the results.

First many thanks to the following people who gave me some info:

Tamara Crabbe <>
Alastair Young <>
Sven Ole Skrivervik <>
Terry F Figurelle <>
Daniel Hurtubise <daniel@CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA>
Christian Lawrence <>
Donald A. MacLeod <>
Zhishun Alex Liu <Alex.Liu@Eng.Sun.COM>
Jay Plett <>
Bill Hunter <>
Frank Peters <fwp@CC.MsState.Edu>
Kevin W. Thomas <>
Steve Simmons <lokkur!scs>
Mark Yanike <yanike@sunflats.Central.Sun.COM>
Jon Mellott <>
Simon Woodhead <kalli!freeside!simon@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM>

The responses were divided into these categories:

- your sales person is correct (5 responses)
- your sales person is incorrect (11 responses)
- we *ARE* running SunOS 4.1.3 on *ALL* sun4-platforms (2 responses)

Some people sent me an article from sunflash which I will include here. Behind
this article you'll find a list of all bugs fixed in Solaris 1.1 (special
thanks to Sven Ole Skrivervik).

I think we have to ask our sales person again.

Carsten Hennig

Carsten Hennig, SUN-Systemadministrator (
       GMD-I2, Dolivostr. 15, D-W-6100 Darmstadt, Germany
          Tel.: ++49-6151-869889, Fax: ++49-6151-869818

                                                        The Florida SunFlash

                Introducing Solaris 1.1 Version A

SunFLASH Vol 42 #23 June 1992
There will be some confusion over the name of this operating system.
Here is a paragraph from later in this article that explains
the relationship between Solaris X and SunOS Y:
        Solaris 1.1 Version A is comprised of the following components:
        OPEN LOOK, DeskSet, OpenWindows, SunOS and ONC. It is not
        correct to say Solaris *is* SunOS, since Solaris includes all 5
        components and SunOS is only one piece of Solaris. Solaris 1.1
        Version A contains SunOS 4.1.3 and OpenWindows Version 3

This is the o/s release that is required for the recently announced
SS-10 and the new SPARCserver 600MP models.


         o Full system software support for the new SuperSPARC based
             SPARCstation 10 and SPARCserver 600MP Series in addition to
             the current SPARC platforms

         o OpenWindows Version 3 is default windowing system

         o First European localized Solaris product with OpenWindows
             translated in French, German, Swedish and Italian

Solaris 1.1 SMCC Version A brings the full benefits of SunSoft's
32-bit distributed system software environment to the new SuperSPARC
based SPARCsystem 10 platforms in addition to SMCC's current SPARC
product line. OpenWindows Version 3 as the default windowing system,
translated in French, German, Swedish and Italian, will facilitate the
migration to Solaris 2.0 worldwide.

All well behaved applications will be able to take advantage of the
binary compatibility between all Solaris 1.X releases - existing
software application environments will run completely unchanged on any
hardware platforms running Solaris 1.1 Version A. The SunUpgrade
feature has been extended to allow quick and easy upgrades from
previous versions of Solaris 1.X.

When Solaris 1.1 Version A begins shipping in late August, it will
become the default operating system. At that time, Desktop
SPARCstations will transition to Solaris 1.1 Version A pre-installed
and new updated versions of the Desktop SPARC Owner's Set will reflect
OpenWindows Version 3. New Solaris 1.1 Version A related products
include media (CD-ROM only), Full Documentation, Release Minibox,
Desktop SPARC Owner's Set, AnswerBook, Encryption Kit, and Source


Features Benefits
----------------------------------- -----------------------------------
SuperSPARC support Provides a consistent, rich system
                                        software environment across all
                                        SPARC platforms without change to
                                        existing applications

OpenWindows Version 3 Facilitates the migration to SVR4
                                        by providing the same windowing
                                        system as Solaris 2.0

DeskSet Version 3 Improves productivity and ease of
                                        use with enhanced, multimedia
                                        MailTool and multibrowse Calendar

Translated OpenWindows Version 3 Increases marketability and facilitates
                                        migration to Solaris 2.0 - increases
                                        ease of use and productivity for
                                        French, German, Swedish and Italian

XGL 2.0 Runtime Libraries Dynamically linked XGL based graphics
                                        applications will automatically
                                        benefit from the new library with
                                        out recompiling, relinking or
                                        re-releasing the application

Binary Compatibility Allows all 4000 SPARCware products
                                        to run unchanged - protects software
                                        investment. Provides a complete,
                                        diverse, rich application software

Performance tuning Software tuning increases the I/O
                                        performance and general system
                                        performance of the Cypress based
                                        SPARCserver 600MP Model 1x0 Series

Bug Fixes Increased system software quality


  - Required on all uniprocessor SuperSPARC based platforms
  - Systems adding additional SuperSPARC modules must upgrade to Solaris 2.X
  - Supports all currently shipping SPARC hardware configurations including
        multiprocessor Cypress based SPARCserver 600MP Model 1X0
  - For improved performance using OpenWindows Version 3, 16 MB of memory
        is recommended; minimum required is 8 MB
  - Installation of the full OpenWindows Version 3 software requires 85 MB
        of hard disk space, minimum is 29 MB for minimal configuration

Q: What's the relationship between Solaris and SunOS?

A: Solaris is SunSoft's new name for their distributed computing system
        software environment. Solaris is comprised of the following
        components: OPEN LOOK, DeskSet, OpenWindows, SunOS and
        ONC. It is not correct to say Solaris *is* SunOS, since Solaris
        includes all 5 components and SunOS is only one piece of
         Solaris. Solaris 1.1 Version A contains SunOS 4.1.3
        and OpenWindows Version 3 components.

Q: What are the differences between Solaris 1.1 Version A and Solaris

A: The primary differences are in 3 main areas: kernel support for the
        new SuperSPARC processor, OpenWindows Version 3 as the default
        windowing system, and a modest number of bug fixes. The secondary
        differences are in additional hardware support: type 5 keyboard,
        FSBE/S, 1.3GB disk

Q: Why is "Version A" tacked on to the Solaris name?

A: SunSoft establishes the Solaris version number based on a set of
        features. A reference port of this technology base is made
        available to it's OEMs, one of which is SMCC. SMCC ports the
        OS to it's hardware platforms, adding SMCC specific bug fixes
        and performance tuning. Since the bits on the SMCC CD are
        potentially different from the bits on SunSoft's reference port
        CD, an additional version field was added to distinguish between
        other OEM ports of the same Solaris release. The full product
        name from SMCC is "Solaris 1.1 SMCC Version A". In the context
        of SMCC products, the shortened name is used, "Solaris 1.1 Version A".
          In the event SMCC requires another release for a new hardware
        platform, or additional performance tuning or bug fixes, only the
        SMCC Version number would be incremented, since it's still the
        same Solaris 1.1 feature set. If the software required for a
        new platform is fairly small, the SMCC Version number is incremented
        to A1, then A2, etc. If a larger set of software is impacted,
        such as new versions of hardware dependent libraries, the SMCC
        Version number is incremented to B, then C, etc.

Q: When is Solaris 1.1 Version A required?

A: For all SPARCstation 10 configurations, the new SuperSPARC based
        SPARCserver 600MP Series and the FSBE/S option.

Q: Why does the Solaris 1.1 material claim it supports the SPARCserver 600MP
        when it only supports uniprocessor SuperSPARC CPUs?

A: SPARCserver 600MP is the product name for the family of servers -
        including the UP configurations. Solaris 1.1 Version A does support
        the Cypress based SPARCserver 600MP Models 120 (2 CPUs) and 140
        (4 CPUs).

Q: Why doesn't Solaris 1.1 Version A support MP SuperSPARC processors?

A: Primary reason is to provide an incentive to migrate to Solaris 2.x.
        The performance gain from the MP hardware is boosted much
        farther with the SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) kernel
        provided in Solaris 2.x than with the ASMP kernel in Solaris
        1.0.1 and 1.1. Also, Sun has decided to concentrate our
        software investment on making Solaris 2.x the industry's best
        MP OS. With Solaris 2.x availability at hand, Sun also needs to
        be sensitive to our ISV partners. Making them try to optimize
        applications for two MP operating systems is too great a strain
        on resources.

Q: What if I am planning on upgrading to Solaris 2.0?

A: If Solaris 2.0 fits your needs, there is no reason to use
        Solaris 1.1 Version A.

Q: If a customer never upgraded to Solaris 1.0.1 - can they upgrade directly
        from SunOS 4.1.1 to Solaris 1.1 Version A?

A: YES! SunUpgrade has been extended to upgrade directly to Solaris 1.1
        Version A from Solaris 1.0.1, SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B, or SunOS 4.1.1.
        Note that this means the sun-4m machines (SPARCserver 600 series)
        can now upgrade from Solaris 1.0.1 to Solaris 1.1 Version A.

Q: When upgrading hardware, what are the OS upgrade requirements?

A: All platforms upgrading to a uniprocessor SuperSPARC CPU require
        Solaris 1.1 Version A. Any platforms adding the additional
        SuperSPARC module (X1161A) must upgrade to Solaris 2.x.
        Platforms upgrading to multiprocessing SuperSPARC CPUs require
        Solaris 2.x.

Q: What are the differences in the documentation for Solaris 1.1 Version A?

A: When Solaris 1.1 Version A becomes the default, all Desktop SPARCstations
        will begin shipping with a new version of the Desktop SPARC Owner's
        Set, which has been updated to reflect OpenWindows Version 3. The
        Release Minibox (part of the Full Documentation Set) has updated
        manuals - Solaris 1.1 Version A Release Manual and Installing
        Solaris 1.1 Version A. These manuals include documentation on
        SunOS 4.1.3 and OpenWindows Version 3. Also, there is a new
        version of the Solaris AnswerBook.

Q: Will my applications still run on Solaris 1.1 Version A?

A: YES! Solaris 1.1 Version A is 100% binary compatible with Solaris 1.0.1,
        SunOS 4.1.1, Rev B, SunOS 4.1 and SunOS 4.0.3 for well behaved

Q: What makes an application well behaved?

A: Applications that have been written to published, defined interfaces
        according to Sun documentation, and that don't depend on any kernel
        data structures or interfaces.

Q: Do existing customers have to order a new Full Documentation Set?

A: No. Since all other parts of the Full Documentation Set are identical
        to what's been shipping since SunOS 4.1, existing customers need
        only order the Release Minibox (SX-4.1.3-9E) to get the supplemental
        manuals to their existing Full Documentation Set.

Q: If a customer is using the Encryption Kit, do they need a new one?

A: YES! The bug fixes and kernel tweaking make the current encryption
        kit incompatible with Solaris 1.1 Version A. Make sure you order
        new encryption kits (SX-4.1.3-E-20) when ordering new systems or
        system software.

Q: When will the new Encryption Kits ship?

A: Solaris 1.1 Version A Encryption Kits will ship within 2 weeks of
        the binaries, so book early.

Q: If a customer is using source code, is a new version available?

A: Yes. Solaris 1.1 Version A Source Code for SMCC customers will be
        available within 2 weeks of FCS. Get the appropriate paperwork
        signed well in advanced to ensure receiving source as soon as

All Solaris 1.1 Version A products will retain the same pricing as Solaris
1.0.1. Solaris 1.1 Version A will become the default OS in late August.
Until that time, customers requiring Solaris 1.1 should use the release
specific part numbers to ensure receiving the correct version. Customer's
who prefer media and documentation which match the pre-installed Desktop
SPARCstations should use the default marketing part numbers. Keep in mind
that Solaris 1.1 Version A will not ship until late August - customers
requiring media or documentation now must use the default part numbers
published in the pricebook.

  Short Order List Discount
  Description Number Price Category
  Solaris 1.1 Version A CD-ROM:

  US English SX-4.1.3-21 $200 A
  French SX-4.1.3-02-21 $200 A
  German SX-4.1.3-03-21 $200 A
  Swedish SX-4.1.3-06-21 $200 A
  Italian SX-4.1.3-74-21 $200 A
  US English - 10 Pack SX10-4.1.3-21 $1000 A
  Encryption Kit SX-4.1.3-E-20 $50 A

  Solaris 1.1 Version A Documentation:

  AnswerBook CD SS-4.1.3-23 $495 A
  Full Documentation Set SX-4.1.3-09 $995 A
  OpenWindows Developers Set OWN-V3-X-X-9P $595 A
  Release Minibox SX-4.1.3-9E $150 A

  Short Order Init. Add Major Minor Micro
  Description Number CPU CPU Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
  Solaris 1.1 Version A Source Code CD-ROM:

  University UN-SUNSRC-03-4.1.3 $1000 N/D $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000
  Nonprofit NP-SUNSRC-03-4.1.3 $5000 N/D $5000 $2500 $1000 $1000
  Commercial & SUNSRC-03-4.1.3 $20000 N/D $5000 $5000 $2500 $1000

  - Solaris 1.1 Version A CD contains SunOS 4.1.3 and OpenWindows Version
        3 components.
  - Localized Solaris media contains 2 CDs, the US English Solaris
        1.1 Version A CD and the OpenWindows Language Interface CD which
        includes the translated text, message and error files for all
        four locales and translated installation instructions in the
        appropriate language.
  - Refer to the SMCC SunOS Source Policy and Procedures for
        Source Code ordering instructions.


  August 31, 1992

  Japanese and Asian Language Environments available within
  30 days after FCS.

For information send mail to info-sunflash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM.
Subscription requests should be sent to sunflash-request@sunvice.East.Sun.COM.
Archives are on,,, and

All prices, availability, and other statements relating to Sun or third
party products are valid in the U.S. only. Please contact your local
Sales Representative for details of pricing and product availability in
your region. Descriptions of, or references to products or publications
within SunFlash does not imply an endorsement of that product or
publication by Sun Microsystems.

John McLaughlin, SunFlash editor, flash@sunvice.East.Sun.COM. (305) 776-7770.


 "Bugs Fixed and Patches Provided in Solaris 1.1"

"Kernel/Driver Bugs Fixed"
1045104 Fix for 1044867 (infinite BOGUS page loop) has a bug
1062972 shared and exclusive lock lists get munged; rpc.lockd cores
1069493 Console driver can't display 8-bit characters
1070964 ie0: output queue full; increased due to 600MP
1071674 Sundiag 2.3 fails startup probing because of false devinfo inf
1075019 /usr/kvm/machine points to the wrong place
1075332 dtop_drawcursor determines if colormap is a power of 2 incorr
1076463 Insufficient kernel virtual space for large machines
1077035 itrunc: /mnt/123598 new size = 0, blocks = -29376 messages pri
1080630 Large 600MPs get "panic: out of virtual memory"
1080842 environmental errors are ignored by the IPI driver
1081482 kernel integer division emulation code does not deal with over
1081618 $<traceall does not work on a sun4m
1082227 sdiv incorrectly emulated on 600MP/4.1.2
1082539 sd: make_sd_cmd improperly clearing klustersort sort keys
1082751 segment violation caused by sdiv, udiv
1082782 sdiv emulation routine causes segfault under 4.1.2
1083014 4.1.2 kernel does not emulate integer mul/div correctly
1083123 sun4m kernel fails if the mxusers is > 250
1083662 4.1.x kernel doesn't support SPARC V8 recomputation
1083810 L1-A sometimes ignored during panic
1083811 Kernel panics while syncing file system
1083844 Force MMU Tablewalk after page fault
1083892 kernel emulation code detects underflow after rounding
1083917 4/690, 4/670 hangs, CPU lights freeze, when running with speci
1084235 max sun4m RLIMIT_DATA is too low
1084676 Select best processor for a process
1084680 Window Overflow missing a nop for psr delay
1085152 Security: 600MP kernel has undocumented "probeme" trap
1085165 Remove nonfunctional 4.x TLB locking code
1085235 Prevent Cy7c605 from pagefaulting on M-bit update
1085863 Panic: BAD TRAP in fp_disabled trap
1086143 600MP system crashes with a watchdog reset - INSTRUCTION ACCE
1086438 klock_exit blows away caller's %l6 register
1086458 console login prompt garbled when 8-bit chars are passed through
1086685 adb doesn't disassemble sdiv instruction
1086687 4.1.2 doesn't handle divide instructions
1087264 atomic swap command fails only on IPC running 4.1.2 FCS
1087507 system panics with "panic on 0: ialloc: dup alloc"
1088483 Security: 600MP shipped with halt_and_catch_fire
1089128 rfs_lookup needs to release the directory vnode before error r
1090435 nice'd processes hang in run state and aren't killable.
1090849 datasize limited to 512MB
1092548 under heavy load, "panic: swtch"

"System Administration Bugs Fixed"
1033724 /usr/lib/adb belongs in /usr/kvm
1081944 In 4.1.2, add_client and add_services fail to recognize DiskSuite
1082294 sunupgrade ignores '#' in /etc/hosts when upgrading diskless c

"Network Bugs Fixed"
1063432 tip to RFS mounted serial port causes panic: data fault
1076985 4/490 NFS client crashes when accessing mounted file from a no

"Library Bugs Fixed"
1072740 strcoll() .... strxfrm() dumps core for locale >< C if stdin c

"Graphics Bugs Fixed"
1081849 Can't install VideoPix 1.0 on Sun-4m systems
1090420 gtconfig in /etc/rc.local gives error

"POSIX Bugs Fixed"
The following are the bugs fixed by this release. The first set in
libposix.a will only be seen when your code is compiled with
-lposix. The second set of fixes are in the kernel and will
affect all programs that use these features.
"Only in libposix.a"
1032120 POSIX:l_pid in flock isn't a pid_t.
1032755 errno should be set to EBADF on a number of library routines.
1032777 fopen should return ENOENT for empty string.
1037220 sigvvec can't examine action of SIKILL or SIGSTOP.
1080635 execvp & execlp do not return ENOENT for null path.
1029856 Open 0-length file with O_TRUNC; doesn't update st_ctime and st_mtime.
1032784 fpathconf on unopened tty needs to return a value to pass PCTS.
1039505 Trailing / in pathname should be ignored.
1077642 Kernel rprts wrong SIMM loctn when ECC bit
1087606 heap fragmentation hangs brk()
1081728 write system call fails even if there are some bytes available.
1081740 Pending sigchld is not ignored if handler set to default.
2000582 POSIX settable test gets wrong value when PARENB and PARMARK set.
2000794 Check for maxuproc is off by one.
2001524 zs driver shouldn't have high bit set in CS5 mode.

"SunDiag Bugs Fixed"
1054655 "spiftest" fails
1058128 performance test on prestoserve fails depending on config
1065866 Incorrect title when diagnosing Sun4/25
1067673 HSIS option can not be saved correctly
1070602 sundiag on sun4m doesn't offer option to test fddi/dx controller
1072183 gttest takes too long to report Firmware failuregtte
1074775 Sundiag popup window for floppy device shows only approx disk size
1075115 nettest dumps of netstat info for le0 in /tmp may overflow fs
1077582 sundiag shows 0 MB on floppy option
1079178 CDROM audio test requires longer timeout margin
1085687 nettest fail to see successful pass during broadcast
1086258 Spiftest needs to be changed to accomodate change
1086476 spiftest that ships with SunOS 4.1.2 needs patch
1086542 Sundiag needs clone support
1087063 gttest: FBoutput- fails @ 0 degrees celsius
1087245 Hsi (sunlink) failed
1087473 Cdtest failed
1088314 gttest fails during arbitration and does not set sun
1089263 CD test failed on 4/690 (dup 1087473?)
1089278 sundiag spiftest needs an update for 4.1.3 to sync
1089996 Sundiag goes to sleep with Egret-C after 20 hours of
1090721 Sundiag test of MG1 running very slow, almost hangs system
1092458 correct amount of physmem not reported correctly

"SunUpgrade Bugs Fixed"
1072081 Single user test gets confused.
1074983 check_perm assumes machine is in Pacific Time Zone.

"CTE Escalations Fixed in Solaris 1.1"
The first number in each entry in the list below is the Patch ID; the
second number is the Bug ID.
100075-08 1040406 KLM protocol changed but RPC versn # wasn't
100075-08 1046373 shared or exclusive lock doesnt work on 412
100075-08 1063692 deadlock is not detected in nfs locking
100075-08 1064183 downgrading a lock doesnt grant other read
100075-08 1071435 panics: corrupt file lock list
100075-08 1074757 rpc.lockd in 4.1.2 grows to few MB (leak)
100075-08 1077402 file can get left locked by exited process
100075-08 1080359 Read lock gets stuck in the kernel lock
100188-02 1070495 pgms using pty can get output from prev ap
100224-03 1051832 rmail dumps core on certain (unknown) errs
100274-02 1044478 dup biodone related panics w ... 4.1.1
100371-01 1044726 showfh timeouts before accessing nfs fh
100381-01 1068938 du does not work with VMS(NFS) filesystem
100384-01 1063432 tip to RFS mounted serial port causes pan
100399-01 1066556 csh malloc mem leak results in Mem Fault
100402-01 1069046 cron dumps core on what appears to be corre
100408-01 1047916 keypad() misinterprets function keys when
100408-01 1070312 terms ins/del line and scroll region cap
100425-01 1055736 whois is getting host unknown when it uses
100431-04 1063683 back facing hollow polygon inconsistent w
100431-04 1068120 Undrawing antialiased lines in QUM mode ha
100431-04 1073137 Back-faceed QUADS are slow on GT when FACE
100431-04 1073181 Performance degrades for polygons follow
100431-04 1074981 color sometimes incorrect for clipped, dep
100431-04 1080766 Non-dot markers are slow
100431-04 1086669 Performance problem - short triangle
100453-01 1073672 Increase 1.5MB DVMA window avail to GT
100456-03 1075220 mcldup doesnt block interrpts causing mbuf
100469-01 1039388 cdrom mount error message
100474-01 1074337 format: ass failure on 1.3G elites on sun4
100475-01 1073234 mmap sys call fails on galaxy causing unex
100484-01 1078167 SCSI driver for micropolis drive produces
100490-01 1080928 nl_langinfor(YESSTR) of libxpg.a caused co
100494-01 1074704 WIDs are freed when cg12 contexts are dest
100494-01 1074822 munmap'ing ctl register page clobbers shme
100495-01 1074424 sybase datasrvr crashes 4m (ER) - xc_atten
100505-01 1078521 Zero length directories can be left when
100507-01 1038651 Using tmpfs ie ram /tmp can cause data ini
100511-01 1082046 SunDiag cg6test failed on seg violation
100516-01 1077539 increase HEAPBYTES
100520-01 1031907 cron dies when daylight time starts, stop
100521-01 1080702 4/75GT crash when executing screenload ...
100534-01 1083022 nettest dies w Seg Violation on 4.1.2FCS
100536-01 1066287 nfs hang when looking at lg file changed on
100537-01 1069770 swapper hangs waitng fr pg of u-area to co
100537-01 1073679 async i/o peaks can hang system (gen)
100539-01 1085014 umount of busy hsfs fs succeeds causing pa
100542-03 1063059 ipi driver doesn't return err
100542-03 1077801 galaxy with cg6+presto crashes on ipi
100547-01 1079876 fputest kvm_open failed
100569-01 1072183 gttest takes too lng to rpt Firmware fail
100569-01 1083997 mouse freezes running OW3.0 apps on GT
100570-01 1085043 net jammed" messages annoy the user
100575-02 1080798 IPI runs slower on a 4/670 then a 4/470
100591-01 1089381 nimp_ins trap trashes %g[123] on MP systems
100597-01 1075751 VME dropped INT_ACK cycle
100618-01 1074668 kernel panics when running sunvision 1.1
100636-01 1082229 fork creates duplicate PIDs
100642-01 1089250 TLI hangs running on Sun-MP 4/690 running 4.1.2
100654-01 1090369 It takes a long time to terminate a big process

"Link-editor Bug Fixes" linker
1019004 assert definitions can fail to report undefined symbols
1032739 ld core dumps with many libs in multiple directories
1034788 -r and -pic do not mix bad secondary magic number error
1034833 ld: can't mixed -r with -Bstatic or -A flag
1037879 Cannot create executable with shared object which points
            to another shared object.
1041946 (duplicated by 1065275, below).
1042261 ld only recognized first directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
1044524 multiply defined symbols and seg. fault caused by 4.1's ld
1045272 ld -u & -r do not seem to work properly
1046462 ld fails with segmentation fault when processing nested
            #include files
1050594 fix uninitialized structure entries.
1064820 ld can produce bogus diagnostics when processing cascaded
1065275 program dumps core with shared objects having only statics.
1033086 Calling dlopen() on a file with BSS kills your application.
1043300 dlclose prevents access to functions even after further dlopen
1045194 dlsym returns bad address for uninitialized global variable
1046379 cannot call a function in a [.so] from a function in another
1052428 usage of -L options confusing, leads to security probs

"Patches Included in the Patch Zone of the Solaris 1.1 CD"
ARM/ASET 1.0 (patch_arm_1_0 in patch zone)
C++ 2.1 (patch_cplusplus_2_1)
FDDI 1.0 (patch_fddi_s1_0)
FORTRAN 1.4 (patch_fortran_sc1_0)
Modula-2 2.3 (patch_modula2_sc1_0)
Pascal 2.1 (patch_pascal_sc1_0)
SunIPC 1.2 (patch_ipc)
TRIS 2.1 (patch_tris_2_1)
VideoPix 1.0 (patch_videopix_1_0)


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