SUMMARY: Sun NeWSprint Archive Service Problems

From: Brian Decker (reagan!axl!
Date: Wed Aug 12 1992 - 13:27:13 CDT


   I have been trying to retrieve an HP PaintJet printer handler from the Sun
NeWSprint Archive service at np-archive@sun.COM. Each time I send a request to
the service, I receive an ack message back that implies that the handler has
been sent to me, but I don't receive anything:

> The NeWSprint Archive Server has received your request.
> All of the files that you asked for are in the database.
> Since your request is small, it is being processed immediately instead
> of being placed in the work queue. Here it is:
> iso_8859_1

The requests sent to the service are correct, based upon the "help" message
that the service will send out; ie. "send printer paintjet"
Is there anyone out there who has successfully used this service and can give me
some idea what I am doing wrong ???

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