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From: Gary Mills (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1992 - 20:34:17 CDT

In article <> I wrote:
>I would like to set up some SparcStations so they display a login box
>that takes the user right into an openwin session. This would be much
>nicer than logging in with the console vt100 emulator and then starting
>the windowing system with a command or from the .login file. Does anyone
>know of a way to do this? There should still be a way to get to the
>console vt100 emulator in case the user wanted to run something else,
>like sunview. A button or a magic login name might do it. Can this be
>done with X11R5?

Thanks to all that replied. What I would like seems to be impossible
with the tools available.

<> said:

>FYI, it's *not* a VT100 emulator. It's a Sun console. [...]

<>, <>, Eirik Fuller <eirik@elf.TN.Cornell.EDU>,
        <>, <>, <> said:

>[paraphrasing] Well, you could use "xdm".

<> said:

>I'm thinking of using xdm on our 10 diskless workstations out in the
>student lab. It's much easier for a student to log directly into an X
>session rather that log into the regular text console screen and then
>wait for X to fire up.

<> said:

>You should use OpenWindows 3, not OpenWindows 2, for security reasons
>(using xdm w/ OW2 will give users root access if they're a little smart).

"Eric D. Williams" <> said:

> The problem with the sun implementation is that console output
> is not handled in an intelligent way. But, it works. I can
> give you more info if you would like it.

<>, <> said:

>Well, then, I *don't* think you can use "xdm", as I don't think it can
>be asked to shut the server down and give you an ordinary login shell.

> [xdm] won't
>allow you to go back to the console if you want to run something else.
>This is the main reason I don't use xdm (we need to run both OW &

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