SUMMARY: Do X libs in OpenWindows 3 $OPENWINHOME/lib work?

From: Judy Russell (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1992 - 15:39:25 CDT

My Question :

  Is it possible to compile and run X11 programs with Athena widgets using
  the X libraries provided (in $OPENWINHOME/lib) with Sun's OpenWindows 3?

And the Answer is ....


Details :

  I had 2 problems

  A Undefined symbols on ld with -lXmu

  B Kludging around this, my executable segmentation faults

  Solutions :

  A Undefined symbols

     1. someone suggested adding

        if (0) {
            get_wmShellWidgetClass() ;
            get_applicationShellWidgetClass () ;

        this didn't work for me.

     2. a couple people suggested using cc for the ld, rather than gcc,
        since gcc sometimes uses its own ld. Apparently our gcc is
        installed to use the regular ld, so this didn't help me.

     3. several people suggested this workaround

        compile the program with " ... -Bstatic -lXmu -Bdynamic ..."
        surrounding the libXmu inclusion.

        this one works fine for me - no Undefined symbols

     4. a couple of people told me about some patches available
        from Sun. I didn't bother trying this, since even if they
        work for me here, I'm not sure I could convince the sys admin
        of the other system I want this to run on to install them.
        The patches are :

        Patch i.d. Bug i.d.'s O/S Description
        ---------- -------------------------------------------------------
        100512-02 1086793 1086912 1074766
                                4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 libXt Jumbo patch

        100573-03 1087332
                                4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 undefined symbols when
                                using shared libXmu

  B Sementation fault in the resulting code

     While fooling around with this I found that if I compiled and linked
     the program using MIT X11R5 includes/libs I got something that ran
     under MIT X11R5, but under OpenWindows 3 (with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set
     to /usr/lib:$OPENWINHOME/lib) it segmentation faults in the same place
     as the executable that is compiled/linked with OpenWindows 3's X
     includes/libs. Which presumably means that my "simple" program is
     doing something that the OpenWindows 3 server doesn't like. I
     removed the section of code at the point where it was crashing
     (which was calling XtCreateManagedWidget on a label widget, I believe),
     and everything else RUNS! I don't know yet what's wrong with the
     code it doesn't like, but since it was non-essential, I'll
     continue to work with OpenWindows 3.

MANY thanks to all respondents, even those who just told me they'd
had the same problem, since that established that it wasn't just that
something had corrupted our copy of the libraries.

Thanks to: (Bill Jones) (Guy Harris)
Guy Carpenter <> (David Hasdell) (Larry W. Virden) (Bill Poutinen) (Yoo Ho Cho)
yeo@SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Simon Yeo)

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