SUMMARY: setting tty characteristics

From: Greg Tarsa (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1992 - 09:46:25 CDT

Thank you to everyone who responded, all 60+ of you.

The problem was as follows:

        We are trying to connect an HP LaserJet IIID to a Sparcstation.

        In the process of trying to get this going (no luck yet), I have
        encountered a problem: I can't seem to set the terminal
        characteristics of /dev/ttya.

        /dev/ttya is set to "OFF" in the ttytab file and, therefore, has an
        entry of "02ttya" in the /dev/ttys file. The following command:

                stty > /dev/ttya

        indicates a line speed of 9600 baud. The version of stty I am using is
        coming from /bin/stty (i.e., UCB syntax and not SYSV syntax).

        Hence, the command:
                stty 19200 > /dev/ttya

        should set the line speed to 19.2K, but there appears to be no
        change, either as mortal user or super user.

Under SUNOS, it appears that either the driver or init resets the terminal
characteristics as soon as the last process accessing it releases it via close.

The solutions proffered were in two basic categories:
        1) (stty 19200; <other tty cmds>) > /dev/ttya

        2) sleep 100000000 > /dev/ttya &
            <other tty cmds>

Thanks to everyone who responded. We are now up and running.


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