SUMMARY: Sudden bizarre pseudo-access to SCSI drive

From: Greg Jumper (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1992 - 18:39:39 CDT

Dear Sun Managers:

A few days ago, I posted a query asking for greater information regarding the
particular type of failure we were experiencing with a Seagate Wren 7 SCSI

After a description of the problem, I asked the following questions:

     Can anyone tell me what error code "0x44" means, where "IMPRIMIS"
     suddenly came from, what element is the most likely culprit, or what
     my best course of action would be now?

Several people indicated that "Imprimis" was the division of CDC which
originally made Wren drives and was later sold to Seagate. The reason
"Imprimis" now appears at boot time is that, since the disk label and its
information are no longer accessible, the SCSI "inquiry" command returns a
device-specific string from the disk controller. By analogy with other Wren
drives, Steve Jay believes that error "0x44" is an "internal controller

I would like to thank (Jeff Wasilko) (Daniel Strick)
     Stefan Mochnacki <>

for their responses, and especially (Steve Jay {Ultra Unix SW Mgr})

for his particularly detailed reply.


Greg Jumper TRW DSC Signal Processing Facility

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