SUMMARY: rrestore panics machine... HELP

From: Angela Thomas Hoynowski (
Date: Mon Jul 20 1992 - 15:38:11 CDT

My original message was:

To: "Sun Managers" <>
Subject: rrestore panics machine... HELP
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 92 11:38:48 MDT
From: Angela Thomas Hoynowski <>
Status: RO

Conf: Sun 4/470 running 4.1.1b + patch 100261-02 (misaligned frames fix)
       1 IPI controller w/ 1 disk
       2 SCSI controllers w/ 7 disks
       1 EXB-8200 tape drive
       1 QIC-150 tape drive
       1 CDROM

       The above machine (rushmore) panics with "psig action" when the
       following command is executed on a remote machine:
           rrestore ivsf 23 rushmore:/dev/nrst5

       It panics as soon as the tape drive is touched. The funny thing
       is that it does not panic if I do rrestore without the "s" option
       or if the number of files skipped is small (I don't have the limit).
       This happens with two different Exabyte drives. All local
       operations worked just fine, including:
           restore ivsf 23 /dev/nrst5

       I have someone contacting Sun trying to figure out what the deal is,
       but suspect it will take some time. If anyone else has seen this
       behaviour and knows what is going on, I'd like to hear about it.

And the answer seems to be to apply patch 100280-02 (st jumbo patch). Now,
I don't know why Sun or Polaris couldn't tell me this Friday, but I'm glad
*someone* had the answer. I haven't had the opportunity to boot the new
kernel, yet, but feel certain this patch will fix the problem.


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