SUMMARY: Automount remount

From: Chris Keane (chris@rufus.state.COM.AU)
Date: Sun Jul 19 1992 - 18:22:46 CDT

Last Friday I wrote:
> What I have is two NFS ervers with identical filesystems, If one
> of them crashes, I would ideally like the client's automountd to try
> to get the filesystem from the other without human intervention.

Thanks for all the replies. The majority of people said that the
4.4 BSD automounter "amd" can perform this functionality. I believe from
my own investigations that the most recent version of amd is 5.3 and I'm
told that it is available from or check an archie site near you!

Also, Chris Crampton and Jim Ziobro advised that this type of dynamic
disaster recovery is available under AFS (and CODA).

Both Chris and Geert Jan de Groot pointed out that NFS filehandles will
become out of date if a different filesystem is mounted in place of the
original, however this will not affect processes opening files for the
first time after the remount.

Bruce J. DaCosta from Interstream said that his company is currently developing
products to gracefully handle this type of client rollover. If you're
interested, please contact him at

Thanks to the following people for taking the time out to answer:

bernards@ECN.NL (Marcel Bernards)
Roy McDougall <> (Birger A. Wathne) (Ole Holm Nielsen)
Bill Hart <> (who didn't know there was a COM.AU domain :-)
Steve Salvini <> (Geert Jan de Groot)
Chris Crampton <> (Bruce J. DaCosta) ( Andy J. Stefancik 206-234-3049 ) (Bill Heiser) (Andy Richter)
Jack Stewart <> (Danielle Sanine) (Ron Stanonik)
etnibsd! (Steve Harris)
Mike Raffety <>
Rafi Sadowsky <>

Thanks all!


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