SUMMARY #2: Re: Help: screendump ?!

From: AVD Boogaart (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1992 - 07:34:09 CDT

Good Heavens,

the result on my question was overwhelming. After the first day, I
received 3 messages, all of which were right, and which brought
me to the solution of my 'problem'. Today many more messages came
in, most of which were right, some of which might want to see the

The problem was that after a screendump on our Suns, the file
containing the screendump would not be printed out on the HP Laser
Jet, which did have a entry in the printcap file with a v-filter.
However, that turned out not to be an appropriate one for this
screendump, because, as almost everybody guessed right, the
screendump was in color and the HP didn't like that at all.
To convert the 8 bit color screendump file to the desired 1 bit
black and white I had to use the filter in the /usr/bin directory:
So now the screendump looks like this (laserlp is the entry in the
printcap file which takes care of rasterfiles):
screendump | rasfilter8to1 | lpr -s -v -Plaserlp

Thanks go to the very quick responders yesterday (see previous
summary), and now in addition to:

Matt Goheen <>
John Salomone <salomone@FICUS.CS.UCLA.EDU>
Ross Poffenberger <>
Michael Baumann <>
Todd Pfaff <>
Mike Raffety (no e-mail address in his message, and he
                          pointed out strongly that I should make
                          sure to summarize, ooh, must be some
                          authority... scary)
Matt Landrum <>

Regards, Aad


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