SUMMARY: SunSolve Problem

From: Marcel Bernards (bernards@ECN.NL)
Date: Fri Jul 24 1992 - 08:06:07 CDT

This is really a stupid bug indeed:

There were 2 answers about SunSolve from : (Peter Wirdemo) (Martin Forssen)

I'll quote the most importand Bug & workaround:

 I ran into the same problem and talked to sun about it. It seems like
 the programmer ho wrote SunSolve didn't really know what he did.
 When he constructs the hostname he takes the output from `domainname`
 and replaces the first part of it (ie up to the first dot) with
 the hostname!!! The only solution we have found yet is to make an
 entry in /etc/hosts with exactly that name (in your case

Thois means that the solver daemon is broken becaus it strips the
first domain part

I tested it by adding an alias in NIS /etc/hosts, and it worked,
but I'm certainly NOT going to fill my hosts map file with this kind of garbage
in order to let this sole product to run. Sun has to come up with a patch !
I'm grabbing my phone to yell at Sun !

Thanx to the Swedish friends

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