SUMMARY: x_cdplayer props under OW3

From: John Paul O'Brien (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1992 - 16:20:58 CDT

<My machine died so if this a duplicate I appologize.>

I received three answers from three different folks. They are: (Leonardo C. Topa)

Had a patch for the x_player.c file. I didn't try this one.

deltam!tigger!jt@uunet.UU.NET (jim wills)

Suggested changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to OW2 libs. It works but the
one I finally settled on came from: (Dave Yearke)

Who gave me a description of an ACTION bug in XView3 and suggested both the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH fix and compiling x_cdplayer statically with OW2 libraries
which is what I decided to do.

> Yes. The source code for XView3, from the MIT contrib tape, states that
> among the known bugs is:
> ---- cut here ----
> Bug Id: 1019392
> Category: xview
> SubCategory: library
> Synopsis: Unable to consume ACTION_{SELECT, ADJUST, MENU}-up events
> Public Summary:
> win_im_to_xmask incorrectly looks only for MS_LEFT, MS_MIDDLE and
> MS_RIGHT (a.k.a., BUT(1) - BUT(3)) to see if it should set
> ButtonReleaseMask when WIN_UP_EVENTS is specified. It needs to
> also look for the corresponding ACTION events. Also, MS_{LEFT,
> MIDDLE, RIGHT} are not device-independent. Thus, this bug prevents
> us from using one or two button mice.
> Work Around:
> ---- cut here ----

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