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Date: Fri Jul 24 1992 - 11:25:19 CDT

SUMMARY: On howto display images in a X-windows environment:

The most mentioned is xloadimage. I got it off the net, and it does
excactly what I need:

> Try using xloadimage. It's a public domain X11 utility. I've been running
> it successfully under both OpenWindows 2 and OpenWindows 3. Check the
> comp.sources.x archives to find it. The version I have supports the
> following set of image representations:
> Image types supported:
> FBM Image
> Sun Rasterfile
> CMU WM Raster
> Portable Bit Map (PBM, PGM, PPM)
> Faces Project
> GIF Image
> Utah RLE Image
> X Window Dump
> McIDAS areafile
> G3 FAX Image
> MacPaint Image
> X Pixmap
> X Bitmap

Another suggestions is to use xv:

> The program "xv", which is available via ftp, will do most of this for
> you I think. The drawback is that it will turn 24-bit color into 8-bit
> color. But the program will let you crop, rotate, change gamma
> correction, change aspect ratio and all sorts of other things you
> might find useful. And you can save the changed image to a file in
> the same or different image format.


> I and most everyone I know, use newxv. Unfortunately, I do not know
> if this is public domain or not. Good luck.


Another one:

2. Get a copy of the "pbmplus" package. Again, available from the net. Use
   the filters in the package to convert your raster image to an "xwd"
   format image and then use the "xwud" program to display it.

Another suggestions is to use snapshot:

3. Use the "snapshot" utility in open windows to load the image and then
   view it. Now, use "xwd" to take a snapshot of the window and save the date
   out in "xwd" format. You can then use "xwud" to redisplay the image at
   any time on your workstation.

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