SUMMARY - Fax on Sparc

From: Calvin Hayden x2254 (cgh018@tijc02.uucp)
Date: Mon Jul 27 1992 - 09:31:52 CDT

A while back, I posted a question about experiences and/or recommendations
in regards to Fax software/modems on Sun Sparcs. I got several replies -
all of them asking for a net summary of what I got. Well here it is... I
got nothing. I did dig through several rags and came up with several packages.
I called most of the vendors. Those listed below are the ones that looked most
promising. I concentrated on the ads that mentioned email access to the

 Replix - Samsung Software America
  Many file formats (more than the others if the documentation I got on all
  was correct), email access, floating 2 user X GUI, unlimited command
  line users, includes Everex Fax modem, ability to route incoming faxes
  to files, users, printers, ability to send/receive (it looked like there
  were only certain formats it could send and others it could receive) - ~$2400
  1 800 899 7724

 PerfectFax - Perfect Byte, Inc.
  Several file formats (PS, Ascii, etc... - but not as many as Replix - they
  said support for TIFF was not there, but was forthcoming), unlimited email
  access (but no command line interface - appeared to be focused around email),
  ability to send/receive, ability to route incoming faxes, includes Everex Fax
  modem - ~$2000
  1 800 359 0704

 TruFax - DevCom Mid-America, Inc.
  Several file formats (PS, HP Laserjet), email access, send/receive, ability
  to do routing to users, files, printers, other computers, other fax machines,
  did not appear to come with modem - ~$2500, modem $499 (Everex Fax)
  1 708 574 3600

There were at least 2 more that I haven't checked into yet, as the ads I found
did not mention email access. These were XpressFax by GNP Computers at
818 577 4252, and FaxLink by Intuitive Technology at 800 342 4415.

All of the above seemed willing to do a demo with the appropriate forms. I
have not talked indepth with them, other than some probing, and a fax copy of
their information. One thing I have noticed is that the faxes I received
from them (that were sent with the software in question) were much crisper
than the ones I normally see coming across our fax.
If anyone has experience with any of these products, I'd appreciate an email
from you. Hope those that asked for this summary find it somewhat useful.


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