FYI, Summary for converting K&R to ACC in newsgroups

From: Cynthia Eldridge (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1992 - 04:12:41 CDT

A few weeks back I asked sun-managers for recommendations/comments/
advice on the best way to convert Kernighan and Ritchie C to ANSI-C in
preparation for the Solaris 2.0 release. Since it has been deemed that
this topic is not appropriate for this mailing list, I will not post
the summary here. Those interested in the summary can look in the
newsgroups that I have cross-posted it to: com.unix.solaris,
comp.sys.sun.apps, comp.sys.sun.misc, and comp.sys.sun.admin, or can
mail a request to me.

I apologize for the wasted bandwidth.

Cynthia Eldridge

Cynthia Eldridge
M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory

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