SUMMARY: Crashes/data fault

From: Evan L. Marcus [Fusion Systems Group, Ltd.] (
Date: Tue Jul 14 1992 - 17:17:20 CDT

I was having a problem with a SPARC 2, where we had 2 crashes with data
fault messages in 12 hours. Suggestions included getting patch 100343-04,
shortening the cables, securing the cables, and changing the backup tape
that was the only thing active when the system crashed.

I have no shorter cables on hand (the cable I use is a 6' SCSI-1 to
SCSI-2). If the problem continues, I will try to find one. The
terminator and cables were secure. I applied patch 100343-04, and we'll
see if that helps. Unfortunately, since the problem is intermittent at
best, it'll be hard to be sure that it's solved. The two times it occurred
were with the same backup tape. That tape comes around again Wednesday
night, and so we'll see then, maybe.

Anyway, thanks to (Hal Stern) for his help with the symbolic traceback
kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan) for his in depth analysis of
        the same symbolic traceback (Russ Poffenberger)


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