SUMMARY: Processed wedged with trace -p

From: Jeff Beadles (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1992 - 03:50:55 CDT

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Well, it appears that the only solution is to reboot. From what I could tell,
it wasn't consuming any resources, other than a process slot and a little
memory. A copy of the (3) responses is attached

Thanks folks!


Jeff Beadles

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>Dunno about known bug, but the man page for ptrace does say something >about "Peculiar results will ensue" for TRACEME with a parent without >a clue... > >Kevin Sheehan >Unix Professional Services >kalli!

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>There was recently some talk in alt.hackers about this. The conclusion there >was that your stuck. Each process is waiting for a signal from the other. >Neither will die. If you find a way to do it, please summarize. > >Jeff Stehman Systems Staff, G-18A Jordan > Dept. of Computer Science >(803)656-2639 Clemson University

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>Yes, this is well known as one of those cute little UNIX funnies. >As far as I'm aware, rebooting is the only was to make it go away. > >* David Mitchell, Systems Administrator, email: >* Dept. Computer Science, Sheffield Uni. phone: +44 742-768555 ext 5573 >* PO Box 600, Sheffield S1 4DU, UK. fax: +44 742-780972 >* >* Standards (n). Battle insignia or tribal totems

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