Re: SUMMARY: seeking advice on 4/670 vs. sparcstation 10 model 52

From: Paul Graham (
Date: Sun Jul 19 1992 - 16:30:25 CDT (Jim Budler) writes:
|Last year I turned down Sun's offer of an upgrade
|from our 4/260 to a 4/470. I didn't want to put any more upgrades into a
|very old 3/160 chassis.

a 3/160 could sorta become a 4/260 (it needed new fans and sometimes a
new power supply) but the 4/260 to 4/470 was a chassis exchange (60
chassis to 70 chassis). i don't believe sun offered a x/x60 to x/460
upgrade. perhaps you were thinking of the x/x60 to 4/360? maybe you
should have done that one.

anyway i've always been quite satisfied (sometimes even impressed) with
sun's upgrade policy.

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