Summary: Using yppasswdd

From: Leon Howorth (leonh%hhb@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Wed Jul 08 1992 - 23:44:12 CDT

Thanks for the responses. The following from Tom Crummey ( the fix:

> Master passwd file is /etc/yp/passwd; no 'root' or default system entries
> in it. The /var/yp/Makefile modified to look for /etc/yp/passwd instead.
> On NIS master executed: '/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/yp/passwd -m passwd'
This could be the problem:

Do /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/yp/passwd -m passwd DIR=/etc/yp
                                                   previously omitted

The example on page 490 of the SUN Network and Comm. Administration Manual
(in the box about 2/3 down the page) should read:

"/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /var/etc/passwd -m \
   passwd DIR=/var/etc" # NOT "DIR=/var/yp/domainname"

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