SUMMARY: Terminal Servers RFC & WAIS Archive of Sun-Managers

From: Anthony Yen (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1992 - 14:26:29 CDT

Thanks to all who replied: (Brett Lymn - System Admin) (Jeff Aldrich - R&D Engineer) (Kevin Sheehan) (Fergus McMenemie) (Ahsan Shah Md. Fazle) (Mark Prior) (David N. Edwards) (Adam Shostack) (Michael Lamoureux) (Dave Rubin) (Robert Andrews) (Ian MacPhedran)
edguer@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu (Aydin Edguer) (William LeFebvre)
psivax!Pacesetter.COM! (Joseph Kwan)
jimw@PE-Nelson.COM (Jim Watt) (John Morton) (Paul Begley)

Our generous moderator/sponsor does not appear to support discussion
of terminal servers in this mailing list (I suppose one of the comp
newgroups or related lists will handle that), so I'm killing any
further chatter on them via this list; if you would like a summary,
please e-mail me and I'll reply individually.

The sun-spots WAIS server already archives this list, and William
LeFebvre, the moderator of this list, says that they are working on
expanding list services in this direction (they have an entire machine
devoted to this list!). Many thanks, William & co.!!

Again, thanks for all the replies.

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