SUMMARY: Memory on SPARC 4/370

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Date: Wed Jul 01 1992 - 00:03:50 CDT

Yes, I can populate with 4MB simms. The complete reply is appended below.
Thanks to 'Russ Poffenberger' also. Someone also mentioned making sure
that the swap space was more than the amount of physical memory.

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Subject: Re: Memory on SPARC 4/370
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In article <> you write:
>I have a Sun 4/370 deskside server with a Sun Memory Expansion Board
>which presently has 24MB.
>The card has 6 banks of 8 SIMM slots per bank (total of 48 SIMM slots).
>Can I populate the banks with 4MB SIMMs ? Anything special about the
>370's memory SIMMs ?

Yes you can populate it with 4M SIMMS, although from the
documentation I have it must be all 4M SIMMS, mixing won't

Bus jumper settings: [For all configurations]
J2304 In BGR0
J2305 In BGR1
J2306 In BGR2
J2307 In BGR3
J2308 In IACK

J2309/4MEG Out 1MB SIMMS

U1600 populated: 8/32 MB
J2312 In
J2311 In
J2310 In

U1600, U1700 and U1800 populated: 24/96 MB
J2312 In
J2311 Out
J2310 In

U1600, U1700, U1800, U1900, U2000 and U2100 populated: 48/192 MB
J2312 Out
J2311 In
J2310 Out

>Is there a limit to the amount of memory (can I have 196 + 8 = 200MB) ?

The external memory board can hold a maximum of 192 MB.

You can also add 4M SIMMs to the CPU board if you install J1900
giving a total maximum of 196 + 32 = 228 MB.

Note: In order to have the CPU recognize 4M SIMMs you must have
PROM Rev 3.0.3 or greater.

Some of these configurations may not be "supported" by Sun although
they are known to work and are documented.


P.S. For the free advice, please mail all unneeded SIMMS to the
following address... :-)

David Robinson
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