SUMMARY: sendmail bug

Date: Thu Jul 02 1992 - 12:49:30 CDT

Hi Y'all,

In the begining of June I sent out the following query:

>> I am currently using the default's supplied by sun for both my
>> mailhost and my w/s.
>> Our users use many mailing lists which are not always up to date and my problemm
>> is that whan a mail gets sent to a mailing list which has one incorrect address in it, none of the other addressees receive the mail.
>> The is seemingly a feature as it forces the users to keep their mailing lists
>> up to date, but they do not see it as such ;-).
>> Btw phenomenon occurs in both variations of aliases implementation (i.e. direct
>> aliases in the alias file and with an indirect reference to another file
>> in the alias file).

I received one reply from Geert Jan explaining that the 'R' option of forces the mailer to send mail through the mailhost.

What I did (after much digging in at the end was:

1) Removed the OR option from client w/s
2) Removed the 'm' flag from the 'Mlocal' mail specification
   and from 'Mether' specification of client w/s.
3) I also changed rule S11 so that mails from client w/s still go out to the
   world as USER@MAILHOST and not as USER@WORKSTATION.

Steps 1 and 2 force sendmail to open a seperate smtp session for each mail
address (bad for performence but that is of least concern).

This ain't a great solution as it decentralizes mail operation (i.e. I need to
check that mail isn't stuck on 80 w/s etc. ...) but so far it's the only thing
that works.
I've contacted Sun about this but they're taking their time as usual.

        Thank you,
                Eli Lopez

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