SUMMARY: Booting SPARCserver 630MP from CD ROM

From: Jeff Makey (makey@VisiCom.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 26 1992 - 00:01:10 CDT

The overwhelming response is that SunOS 4.1.1b does *not* support the
630MP's Sun4m architecture, so there is no way to boot it from the
4.1.1b CD ROM. I need to buy the 4.1.2 CD ROM (part no. SX-21), which
somehow did not get ordered with the SPARCserver.

An RTFM response pointed to the READ ME FIRST document, but there was
none in the shipment.

Thanks to:

Casper <> (Richard Bogusz) (Birger A. Wathne) (Michael Baumann)
Robert Brown <>
"Everett Schell" <> (Shelley L. Shostak) (Kevin McElearney) (Adam Shostack) (Donald McLachlan)
Ace Stewart <>
George A. Tan <> (Mike Halderman) (Andy Feldt) (Pete Biggs) (Russ Poffenberger)
Mike Raffety <> (David Kuder)

and everyone else whose responses I haven't yet received.

                        :: Jeff Makey
                           Computer Network Manager

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