SUMMARY: Re: top for 4.1.2?

From: Jonathan (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1992 - 19:48:59 CDT (Barry Margolin) writes:

>In article <> (Jonathan) writes:
>>For some reason, when I run top for SunOS4.1.2 it coredumps. I took
>>the source and re-compiled it on a 4.1.2 machine, and it still dumps core.

>I had no trouble recompiling top version 2.5 under 4.1.2, and it runs fine.

Quite Frankly, I didn't have any trouble re-compiling top either. I
can't believe the source of my trouble - the old version of top was
left over from the upgrade, and I was executing that. I guess that'll
teach me not to forget that . is the last directory in my $PATH...

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