Summary: EXB-8500 for SunOS 4.1.1

From: FURUSOU Shin'ichi (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1992 - 00:54:14 CDT

  I have received many mails about using EXB-8500 under SunOS4.1.1.

  They says,

  1. The system can't tell the difference between 8200 and 8500. By
default, the drive will write 5GB on new tapes.

  2. `dump' parameters are,
        dump 0fubsd /dev/rst1 126 12000 108000 .....

  3. Under SunOS4.1.2, the drive switches density depending in the
minor device number.

  On Sunday morning, we could dump 2.7GB file systems successfully,
more than 2.3GB.

  Thank you.

FURUSOU Shin'ichi (
Dept. of Information Science,
Univ. Of Tokyo.

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