Summary: 8Mb more RAM for Sparc 1+, easy?

From: jeffrey s sweeney (
Date: Mon Jul 06 1992 - 08:32:33 CDT

In comp.sys.sun.hardware I wrote:

>We would like to add 8Mbytes of RAM to our Sparc 1+ to bring it up to
>a total of 16Mb. This looks like a simple job of adding eight 1X9 1Mb
>SIMMS to the motherboard. Is it really that easy? How fast should
>these SIMMS be? Does anyone have recommendations for memory vendors?

Thanks for all the helpful replies...

From: (Ray Jackson): It's that easy. 70 or 80ns memory
is fine. I buy from a local distributor called Andataco, but SIMMs are
a commodity now so you should be able to get a good price anywhere.
The latest price I've seen is $140.00 ea.

From: It is that easy; just make sure they're
80ns or faster. I have no idea whether the three chip variety work;
I've never even seen one, but the nine chip ones work fine. Ditto for
4x9 SIMMs.
   Clearpoint is a good place to get SIMMs, given their lifetime warranty,
but you'd probably do better elsewhere by spending the money you save
on spares.
   If you buy them used, from say, you'll probably
pay about $25 a meg, maybe less if you wait for the right seller.

From: sequent!bit! (Jay Lessert): Yes. No jumpers,
just add the ram. 80ns or faster. Clearpoint is an excellent vendor,
their stuff carries a lifetime warranty.

From: John DiMarco <>: Absolutely. But if you want to
expand past 16MB in the future, consider adding four 4MB SIMMS to
expand to 24MB instead. That leaves a bank of SIMM slots free. 100ns
or faster.

From: Buying 4 4x9 SIMMs (80 ns or less) would be a
better investment for you. First, you'd have 24 megs, but more
impoirtantly, if you wanted to add memory in the future, you'd have 4
slots left.
8 1x9 SIMMs will run you about $240
4 4x9 SIMMs will run you about $450

From: (Jonathan Harris): It really is simple to add
memory to any sun desktop machines. The sparc 1+ supports up to
64Mbytes of memory. Each SIMM slot can hold either a 1Mbyte or 4Mbyte
SIMM (but each bank of 4 must be of the same type). So, to go up to 16M
just add 8 1Mbyte SIMMS, recommended speed 80ns.

From: (Eric J. Haug): Plug and play. I ordered mine
from Parity. They came with a wrist grounding strap.

From: "Ric Anderson" <>: Its that easy. With
educational discounts you may find Sun memory to be a good deal.
Lately, we've been getting stuff from Marco, phone is (800-475-1028).
We get 1x9x80ns Simms (faster won't hurt, just don't mix speeds within
a bank of 4 simms).
   In the past we've gotten memory from Chip Merchant ((800) 426-6375) and
from Technology Works ((800) 879-9739). Just happens Marco was low
bidder last time around.

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