SUMMARY: HELP - Sun4/280 can't boot

From: Claudia McIntyre (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1992 - 19:34:04 CDT

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Hello Again,

The problem is the CPU board. The self diagnostics hangs after Interrupt
register test. The following message then scrolls forever:
Unexpected interrupt level 0000013 at PC 0xffea45d4: Instruction:0100000
(this is part of the Software interrupt test and we couldn't reset or
 force the diagnostics to skip to the next test).

 Both xylogics disks come up okay.

I pulled out the CPU board, checked the fuses, re-sat (if that's a word)
anything possible and put the board back in. On powerup...same results
during the self test (I repeated this 3 times).

A call to Sun confirmed my conclusion...replace the CPU board.

As an aside, the original message after the Data Fault and reboot attempt
(Requesting Internet Address...) makes sense because there was no
communication available with the disks. A reboot doesn't go through
the hardware self-test as it does on the real problem
didn't surface until I powered off the machine.

Thanks to all who replied (some more than once!). Due to time constraints
involved with trying to get a board here ASAP and being able to pay for
it (fiscal year money left), I won't list the names of the
great folks who took the time to lend a hand. THANKS!!!!!!


What follows is some of the original message...for reference:
Isis...our file/server workhorse is a Sun4/280 running SunOS4.1.2 (as of 2
weeks ago) encountered a Data Fault and tried to reboot yesterday.
Most of our Suns depend upon isis and it is also our NIS server.
So, in a nut shell, I have to get this straightened out ASAP!!
Note: a CDRom cannot be attached to isis.

Here are the messages from the attempted reboot:

Bad trap
pid 104 'in.rwhod'
Data fault ...... this was the tail end of the messages on the console
 Requesting Internet Address for 8:0:20:9:34:89 (this is isis)

This is where is hangs.

1) Hitting the break key and rebooting...
        same Requesting Int. error
************ >b xy(0,0,0)vmunix -s (or any variation of the sort) results
                in /dev/xy0 not found

2) Currently...I'm setting up another sun4c (new...just out of the box)
  as a server, and will add isis as a client and try to boot isis again.
*** This worked until I tried to copy the miniroot into the swap partition.
  dd if=/usr/kvm/miniroot bs=63k of=/dev/rxy0b failed with the following error
  dd: create: /dev/rxy0b: NO such device or address.

  NOTE:I had done the MAKEDEV xy0 and these were in /dev when I did an ls.

The fault lights were on on both disks.
I powered down isis and restarted it.

Interrupt register test
Unexpected interrupt level 0000013 at PC 0xffea45d4 Instruction:0100000.
(this last line keeps scrolling on the terminal...the self test can't
get past this point.)

I think this sounds like a problem on the CPU ( the leds indicate No CPU
Access Occurring).

Sounds like we have a major problem with hardware...
Next step is to pull out the CPU board and "look" at it, push it back in
and try again (stranger things have happened...wishing for a miracle).

IF there are any hardware gurus out there with other ideas, please let me

ONE LAST sure is great to know that you're not alone...
Thanks to the folks who've already responded!!!!!

Claudia McIntyre
Computer Science Dept.
Southern Illinois University

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