SUMMARY: 4/670 disk sizes

From: Jim Hickstein (jxh@attain.ICD.Teradyne.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 24 1992 - 00:05:36 CDT

I got quite a few responses to this one. It seems like everyone but me
has already got their new 4/670. Thanks to all who responded. It
comes with 1.3GB disk(s) (one or two, depending on when you bought it),
and the number I was interested in is 2672400. Here's one of the
format dumps:

Current partition table (original sd0):
        partition a - starting cyl 0, # blocks 91120 (67/0/0)
        partition b - starting cyl 67, # blocks 148240 (109/0/0)
        partition c - starting cyl 0, # blocks 2672400 (1965/0/0)
        partition d - starting cyl 0, # blocks 0 (0/0/0)
        partition e - starting cyl 0, # blocks 0 (0/0/0)
        partition f - starting cyl 0, # blocks 0 (0/0/0)
        partition g - starting cyl 176, # blocks 678640 (499/0/0)
        partition h - starting cyl 675, # blocks 1754400 (1290/0/0)

Thanks to:

Nick Murray <>
Brian Styles <> (Maria A. Barnum) (V{{r{nen Kari) [oops: 8-bit stuff, I guess.] (Craig D. Rice) [Hi, Craig!] (Gary Stewart) (Emmett Hogan)
Dave Wilmot <> (Adam Shostack)
Sam Horrocks <sam@john-bigboote.ICS.UCI.EDU> (Jim Budler)

Not a bad haul for an overnight response! Thanks, again, Sun-managers!

P.S. This morning I got the first piece of my order: the FE Handbook
that I had wanted for so long. I could never get up the nerve to ask
my boss to buy me a $500 (!) manual, that being way over a certain
psychological limit of mine for manuals, but somehow I managed it this
time. Hell, I pay less than that for most *software*. But it *is*
chock full of goodies. Ask me anything! :-)

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