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Date: Fri Jun 19 1992 - 01:32:13 CDT

Thanks to those who replied - [Doug Neuhauser] [Dan Franklin] [John Hasley] [Margaret Mikulska] [John Stanley] [Wilson Bent] [Todd Pfaff] [Mike Raffety] [Anand Sivaramakrishnan] [Patrick Shopbell]

My question was -

>Is anyone familiar with installing mongo? It is an interactive
>graphics program, written in fortran.
>I am trying to compile it on a Sun 3/60, running OS 4.0. The
>mongo source code is from 1987. On a sun4, it compiles successfully.
>On the sun3, typing
> make mongo
>runs almost to completion. It fails on the link-
> f77 -O plotsub/mongomain.o ../libmongo.a \
> -lsuntool -lsunwindow -lpixrect -o ../mongo
> ld: Undefined symbol
> _units
> *** Error code 1
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `mongo'
>The obvious suggestion is that there is a reference to a subroutine,
>units(), but no definition of it. But this compiles on a sun4. And
>grepping through the source code says that the only mention of "units"
>is in comment statements.
>So it's probably some system file that's missing. Any ideas?
>I'll summarize.

The answer was that there was a bug in the f77 compiler. We were
running version 1.0. I should have said this in my query, but
several fellas guessed correctly.

The simplest solution was to define a C file with

        int units[32];

as suggested by Dan Franklin & others. Then change the mongo
makefile to compile & link in this C file. Things now work

A more complete solution was to upgrade f77. But our group's
main platform is the sun4 & we tend to use C, instead of f77.
Also, we plan to phase out the sun3s, anyway.

One reply suggested that my query was inappropriate for
sun-managers, and suggested a fortran newsgroup. However, I don't
know of any fortran newsgroup, since we rarely use fortran here.
Plus, my query concerned the mongo installation. Often,
installations require root privileges in order to write to
directories like /usr/local/bin. Also, the answer turned out to
be a bug in f77. Hence, the decision whether or not to fix this
is a system one and such issues are suitable for this newgroup.

Wes Boudville

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