Summary: SparcPrinter stuck in manual mode.

From: Susan Coghlan (smc@goshawk.LANL.GOV)
Date: Mon Jun 22 1992 - 17:17:56 CDT

My original question:

> Sun came and replaced one of our SparcPrinters. When it
> came up it was stuck in manual feed mode (C-5 on the
> error panel). There was no job in the queue so no apparent
> software request for a manual print job, and the
> manual feed try in the back is in the upright position.
> I've tried killing the xnews server, aborting and restarting the printer
> driver, and power cycling the printer with no luck. This is
> one of our main servers and I don't want to reboot it if possible.
> Sun is stumped so far.

Thanks for all the responses, even though none solved
the problem (:-). The situtation resolved itself about four
hours later when (for no reason that I or Sun could tell)
the printer dropped out of manual feed mode and starting
printing! A brief summary of the responses (there were 5):

1. A black switch kind of things at the entrance of the manual feed tray
needs to be in the horizontal position (apparently this can
get stuck). Good to know but the error code it causes is C-9
with a flashing light.

2. Push the reset button of the printer. In general this is used
to reset after putting in a new toner cartridge or optical drum.
This had already been tried by Sun.

3. Fill the tray with paper. The tray was about 1/2 full of paper. There
were 2 of these.

4. One mail message requested information about what I thought of
my SparcPrinters (a good time to ask me :-).

Once again thanks for the responses:
 Vispi Dumasia <>
 Ike Stoddard <>
 Vicky Kontoyianni <>
 Kevin Cosgrove 642-2676 <qiclab!solomon!kevinc>

Susan Coghlan
Los Alamos National Lab.
Center for Nonlinear Studies
MS B258
Los Alamos, NM 87544

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