SUMMARY Weird messages on login

From: Ze'ev Wurman (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1992 - 00:46:03 CDT

Earlier today I wrote:

>>Last week my SS2 (SunOS 4.1.1 + patch 1050558) 'froze' on me (no messages in
>>'messages' file or console) and I had to reboot. The reboot seemed to go
>>thru cleanly, but since then on login I get the following lines:
>>int i
>>file f
>>abstract Lid
>>The third line sometimes doesn't show up, while the first 2 always do.
>>I took away my .login and .cshrc, but no change. It happens *only* in login
>>shell, and not in inferior shells.
>>It doesn't seem to do any harm, but I wonder what it is...

Well, mostly I blush and apologize - I should have looked in the /etc/motd
as correctly pointed by few people. Inside I found the 3 offending lines.

Somehow, after reboot, the motd file got 'contaminated' due to the crash
and probably some weird error messages retained in 'dmesg' buffer.
All (almost) clear, up to here. Now why do I get the third line only once
in a while? Still a mystery to me, but not worth pursuing.

Thanks to all, and in particular:

Brent Alan Wiese <> (Mark Plotnick)

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