Summary: Memory upgrade for SS1 and more Info needed

From: Bin Zhao (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1992 - 18:16:26 CDT

I posted:
> I am going to upgrade the memory on a Sparc1 from 8M to 32M. Could
>someone give me some information on this. We are a university and want to
>do it wothout costing us too much. I hope I can get $60/meg or something
>like that.

Thanks for all the helpful replies.

Basically the best way to go is get four 4M SIMMs to 24M, or eight 4M
SIMMs to 40M, without throwing away the original 1M SIMMs. 80ns should
be fast enough for SS1 but some suggested 90 would be OK and the ones
you use on a PC would also work on SS1. The average price as up to today
is about $125 for 4x4M SIMM module. I paid $118.

Now this: The boss now wants to upgrade the disk space also. I checked
around and got a quote from Falcon $2000 for 1.2G. (14ns and 4M/sec)
Any idea about this. I would appreciate all info and pointers.
Thanks in advance.

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