From: Kohjin Yamada (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1992 - 08:30:06 CDT

I have ever posted the following article and have received
follow-ups and mails. My deep thank goes to all who responded.
Here is SUMMARY of them. long a bit.

This is my query;
        |I'm considering to purchase 9.8ms 1.2GB 3.5" hard drive from
        |ACROPOLIS advertised in SunWorld page-29, May 1992.
        |Does anyone use this drive? Is it fast? Reliable?
        |Any comments and/or suggetions will be appreciated.

These are the follow-ups;
From: (Denis Hancock)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: 10 Jun 92 16:22:42 GMT

We have used that drive for a few months now, and have other Acropolis
products. I am totally satisfied with it and would recommend it.

From: (Steve Dyer)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: 10 Jun 92 19:25:31 GMT

What's it cost?

From: (Denis Hancock)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: 11 Jun 92 15:45:28 GMT

I can't remember offhand -- It was on the GSA schedule. I believe it was in
excess of $2000, though.

From: mth@neptune.dsc (Michael T. Heins)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: 12 Jun 92 15:39:00 GMT

I called Acropolis yesterday to get more info. The 1.2GB 3.5" package sells
for $1995. It includes a SCSI cable and a SCSI terminator for Sparc
stations, and has a 3 year warranty. I was told they have plenty of stock
and could ship 24 hours ARO. Their phone # is (800) 735-4311.

From: (Kohjin Yamada)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1992 12:24:32 GMT

Mr.Kelly Bell at Acropolis sent to me a FAX indicating the package sells for
$2095 in my case.
I will summarize all follow-ups and replied mails shortly.

These are the mails;
From: uunet!drug! (Yoshi Mizuno)
Subject: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 92 02:19:58 JST

I've got one on my desk connected to 630MP. It is perphaps the fastest drive we have. Definitely faster and quieter than Fujitsu 2266SA. It may be similar in
speed with Fujistu 2624SA. . . We have not done any benchmarking, however.

Internally it is IBM's OEM drive with MTBF of 400,000 hours. Yes, 400,000 hours.

Possible problem: This IBM drive is known to eat up lots of power. I do not
know if ACROPOLIS's power supply would hold up in the long run. This means
a lots of heat, but ACROPOLIS seems to have a good fan, keeping the box (at
least the outside) cool. I had this box only for a couple of weeks, so I
really cannot tell you anything about the reliability.

Random Bits:
Cost: I paid around $2,400 for the drive, DHL shipping and insurance.
Mac: This drive is not Macintosh compatible; I tried.
Mounts: Unusual size (same dimention as the IBM 160 Meg drive in RS-6000)
         requires special 3 1/2 inch brackets.
Capacity: here is the output of the df
        /dev/sd6c 919614 298064 529589 36% /home6
        As you can see, you will get 920 Meg formatted.

If you have any additional questions, send me an e-mail or call me.

From: mike@nmr-mike.MGH.Harvard.Edu (Mike Vevea)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 92 08:35:11 EDT

I've been using one for about 5 months. I liked it enough that I've gotten
another 3, and another group at MGH has purchased another 2. It is fairly
fast, small and quiet.

From: (Jonathan B. Horen)
Subject: Re: ACROPOLIS 1.2GB drive
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 92 05:48:13 PDT

We have seven of them -- 1 for /usr/local on our NIS server, 1 for benchmarking,
and 5 for bootable demo disks for our proprietary software. Never had a single
problem. Acropolis Systems has been, since last fall, our sole vendor for
disks and memory. I recommend them highly, and without reservation. You can
contact Jim Rockwell, Sales, directly.

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